Modern Comfort Food from the Tailored Chef

Photos by Amadeo Plaza

The world is busy; we are pulled in several different directions at once. When we reach the table, we want food that is familiar, something relaxed. At the same time, we want our palates to be challenged, to keep it interesting. We crave modern comfort food.  

As the Tailored Chef, I have over twenty five years in the business, working in restaurants, hotels and catering companies. Each chef I worked with has left a lasting impression, helping to shape the culinarian I am today.  
When creating a menu for a client, I use my notes of a dish to transform it into something more genuinely accessible.

I once worked with a chef who had extensive experience in global cuisine.  He introduced me to Moroccan food. I challenged myself to adapt two of his dishes --- chickpea stew and spiced ground lamb. My interpretation: Moroccan Chickpea Bruschetta and Lamb Meatballs with Sesame Polenta and Cardamom Tomato Sauce.

Modern comfort food.  Genuine.  Authentic.  Accessible.  Tailored.  


Chef James Grody